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ACG Rebrands As American Bank Equipment Finance

ACG Equipment Finance, a division of American Bank, has announced that effective immediately, they have been rebranded as American Bank Equipment Finance.

For decades, ACG Equipment Finance has offered fast, flexible, and competitive financing for smaller businesses and equipment sellers that reaches beyond the typical boundaries of traditional lending limitations The growth in recent years, including the affiliation with American Bank, management, increases in balance sheet lending capabilities, and various key personnel additions, have all been factors in the rebranding decision.

Here are 10 key differentiators that make American Bank Equipment Finance different:

  1. We hate red tape and despise double-talk.
  2. We are 100x more likely to wear boots than suits.
  3. We treat our customers like you treat yours.
  4. We hustle and push to find a path to saying yes.
  5. We’re proudly plain-spoken, main street or corner pub kind of people.
  6. Speed matters. Quality matters. Competitiveness matters. Service is king.
  7. We know equipment, what it is to sell equipment and the businesses that buy equipment.
  8. We make equipment easier to buy and sell.
  9. We’re part of a bank that gets it. No Ivory-Tower types here.
  10. Your bottom line is more important than our balance sheet. Every time.

We’re building on the highly successful legacy earned by a leadership group still involved in daily operations today. The company is well-positioned to continue that legacy and accelerate growth by reaching more markets and helping new vendors power sales. Look for American Bank Equipment Finance at several upcoming commercial equipment events, including CONEXPO and LMT Lab Day.

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