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ACG Rebrands As American Bank Equipment Finance

ACG Equipment Finance, a division of American Bank, has announced that effective immediately, they have been rebranded as American Bank Equipment Finance. For decades, ACG Equipment Finance has offered fast, flexible, and competitive financing for smaller businesses and equipment sellers that reaches beyond the typical boundaries of traditional lending limitations The growth in recent years, […]

Where are all the employees?

In a 4Q22 study of 1385 small business staffing and spending practices, companies with newer equipment and technology had less turnover and filled open positions faster. Here’s the breakdown by industry: Industry Average age of equipment and technology vs industry average Turnover rate per year vs industry average Time to fill open positions vs industry […]

The Equipment Customers Need. RIGHT NOW.

A potential equipment buyer emails a seller for the 14th time in the last 2 months. They’ve shared that they have a new contract looming and are gearing up for big-time growth. But with each email or call, the customer seems more indecisive. They talk about labor shortages. They talk about rising interest rates. They […]

Big enough to service. Small enough to listen.

It takes a certain size and strength to offer good financing. It’s that simple. But have you ever felt like the ones with the money don’t care and the ones that care don’t have the money? Us too. An entire finance industry has blossomed chock full of ‘me too’ providers that are all too eager […]

Inflation Nation: Help customers buy equipment in the face of rising costs.

Remember when the Fed said inflation was ‘transitory’? Nice. Well it’s here and hammering the bottom lines of your customers every day. Cost of raw materials, fuel, labor and of course, the equipment you sell that they need. So, what happens when all your customers face shrinking margins and potentially lower demand all at the […]

Sell more equipment. Easier.

If you’re not leading with a payment you’re losing. Payments power sales. Period. Here are 2 big ideas to sell more equipment: Add more attachments, options, part numbers and complete assets to each order. In a recent survey of more than 5000 equipment buyers, those that financed the purchase had an average invoice amount 37% […]