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Big enough to service. Small enough to listen.

It takes a certain size and strength to offer good financing. It’s that simple. But have you ever felt like the ones with the money don’t care and the ones that care don’t have the money?

Us too.

An entire finance industry has blossomed chock full of ‘me too’ providers that are all too eager to tell you the same story. They actually feel like the biggest differentiator is how big they are. Like it matters to your customer trying to get equipment financed if a lender has $78B in assets or $2T. If both experiences are full of red tape, people that don’t understand the business, and a focus more on themselves than who they’re helping, who cares how big their balance sheets are?

On the other hand, are the tiny little equipment finance companies. They care, but they don’t have the infrastructure and resources to deliver through all the ups and downs consistently. If they can’t do that, it’s hard to make them a primary option for customer financing. You must trust their ability to deliver.

What if there was another alternative? Finding a lender that is backed by a strong bank but operates like an independent finance company with people that care and listen is like finding a unicorn.  Or is it?

American Bank Equipment Finance started as one of the small guys. But no more. We’ve continued to grow to several dozen employees, hundreds of equipment sellers served and now, are a part of American Bank. We’ve built the strong balance sheet that makes finance alternatives competitive and consistent. But we’ve kept the DNA that has made us who we are. We hustle, listen and are committed to understand both your business and your customer’s business. We’re willing to dig deeper and find a path to yes wherever possible.

There is a middle ground between the Ivory-Tower-types and the cowboys of the business. Unicorns aren’t real–thoroughbreds are.

Come run with us.

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